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Copyright 2006 DeathCarpetTrio
Lyrics: Death Carpet Trio
Music: Death Carpet Trio
The Story: Clean breaks and starting over.

Staring at the sunset, what does tomorrow hold? I'll only know by leaving, my life story must be told.
I'm gonna catch the midnight train and chase the coming day.
I have to leave to ease my pain, there is no other way.
How far away, will I roam?

I'm standing at the crossroads, as the train comes down the line. Sad and soulful whistle tells my heart that this one's mine. Last chance, I know...it's my time.

Rockin with the rythm. Rollin through the night.
Feel my tension slip away as I say my last goodbye.
Wake to see the sunrise, strange lands beside the sea.
Things that used to matter, now don't mean shit to me.
Free from complications, now I'm gone.

Sunlight falls upon me. Fresh air smells so sweet. Future is before me, solid ground beneath my feet. I have found, my new home.

You can spend your whole life workin for someone else's means. But take a chance and catch that train and follow your own dreams. Find a way, to your new home.

A place to call your own.

(Give that dog a bone.)