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What is Death Carpet Trio (DC3)?
The Death Carpet Trio (aka DC3) is a Clear Lake, TX based trio (Duh) of NASA engineers dedicated to bringing you high energy original rock with influences from various sources.

We play the music we would like to hear and take our cues from classic rock, blues, punk, funk, reggae, and even country. One thing we pride ourselves on is that no two DC3 songs sound the same.

DC3 plays clubs, parties, festivals, or anywhere else electricity can be found and have both PG and adults-only setlists.

We are currently booking for the summer 2007 and fall 2007 and have open weekends in late June and weeknights on request.  For booking information and site info email Dr. T.

You can find musical samples, lyrics, history, and previous venues we've played on this site.
May 2, 2007 - First updates to the site in a while. Standby while we begin to put up some sketches of new material.

Our first CD "Bring Your Friends" is available at CDbaby.com and on iTunes.
Check us out at MySpace as well:
Next Gig - Strawbit Wedding - May 12th, 2007, Houston, TX

Phil and Heather are jumping the broom and have called out the big guns of DC3 to help celebrate the occasion.
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Last Gig - April 21, 2007

Our first jam this year after working up half our new album was at a house warming party for some of our closest friends and fans down in League City. Despite some technical difficulties, the house was warmed, the crowd was rocked, and DC3 shook off some cobwebs.
Upcoming Shows

May 20th - 8:00 PM Grand Graduation Slam, TBD Clear Lake